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Feb 26, 2019

Redemption is the central theme of the Bible. Redemption is what Jesus is known for. What is biblical redemption? What difference does it make in our lives and our relationships? The book of Ruth illustrates redemption in the most beautiful of ways. Chapter 4 is the climactic moment of the story where Boaz redeems Ruth....

Feb 17, 2019

How does a love for God directly impact our love for others? Augustine, the famous 4th century theologian saw virtue as rightly ordered love. When a person gives their ultimate love to God it will directly benefit the love they are able to give to others. Chapter 3 of the book of Ruth is the climactic turning point in...

Feb 3, 2019

In this stewardship update Craig Nishizaki, an elder at CCC gives un update on where we are at financially. We have a lot to be grateful for!

Feb 3, 2019

The book of Ruth is a story of redemption, God's redemption. Often when people think of God's activity in the world, they think only of big moments or dramatic intervention. In chapter 2 of Ruth we see God's redemption happen in the smallest of details, decisions, interactions, and conversations. These are...