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Feb 22, 2015

Who or what is guiding your life? It is very easy for us to be influenced and guided through life by many other things than God.  Today's message looks at one of Jesus' most hope-filled promises in all of John's Gospel: "I am the Light of the world.  Whoever follows me, will never walk in darkness, but will have the...

Feb 15, 2015

What is God's response to our failure and sin?  What is our response to other's failure and sin?  This story looks at how Jesus saves both the condemend and the condemner, both the unrighteous and the self-rightous. Not only does Jesus offer forgiveness, but he offers a new life of obedience.

Feb 1, 2015

It's very easy to judge a book by it's cover, to judge people by their apperance, and according to this text, to even judge God this way.  Unfortunately, surface level judments can keep us from knowing the truth about people, and the truth about God.  Jesus invites his listeners to a deeper perspective of who he is,...