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May 3, 2015

Jesus said in Matthew 6:24 that we can't serve both God and money.  In this weeks text, we see two characters, one loves, serves and cherishes Jesus, the other loves, serves and cherishes money.  One leads to abundant life, the other leads to death. Why does God want our ultimate affection, and why does that lead...

Apr 25, 2015

If Jesus offers us abundant life, how does that work in light of the pain we experience?  This week we look at a story about the incredible love of Jesus.  This is also a story of human heartbreak, loss.  Join us as we observe what happens when love and pain intersect.  

Apr 19, 2015

How strong do we have to be to live out the Christian life?  For many of us it's easy to focus on our own strength over the strength of Christ.  In our text today we learn that belonging to Jesus is an ongoing process of relenquishing our strength for his.  What does that look like practically, and why is it often...

Apr 12, 2015

We all follow someone or something. The question is, what is the result, and does it give us life or take away life.  In our text today, Jesus reveals himself as the Good Shepherd, as the one who is excellent at giving us life, and not just any life but life abundant.  Who do you follow? What is the result?