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Jul 9, 2019

Where do you need more strength to face life's circumstances? One of the goals of the Christian life is not to escape trouble but to become stronger in the face of it and overcome. Psalm 18 is the testimony of King David and how God gave him strength all throughout his life to face trials as well as his enemies....

Jun 30, 2019

Many people have heard of the phrase "Apple of my eye", but not many people perhaps know where it originates or fully what it means. The phrase comes from the Bible and is used only three times, Psalm 17 is one of them. This sermon examines the meaning of this phrase as well as it's ultimate fulfillment in Christ. 

Jun 24, 2019

Everyone is looking for the good life. The problem is we often don't know how to define it, or find it. Psalm 16 is called the "Golden Psalm." It teaches us that ultimate good is only found in God, and when we attribute ultimate good to things less than God our sorrows are multiplied. This Psalm is also a messianic...