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Sep 8, 2019

What does it mean for the church to be on mission? How does the church get off mission? This sermon unpacks a moment in the life of Jesus and his disciples when he first gives them authority to carry out his mission on earth. This sermon was also given on Vision Sunday and the 5 year anniversary of Central...

Jan 23, 2016

Join us as we discuss how we hope to practically seek the heart of God in the heart of the city.  This audio also contains a testimony of life change from one of our members.

Jan 10, 2016

What is the church?  How does the church relate to the world?  God has a vision for His church, that has been there from the beginning.  The problem is, we often veer from God's vision in pursuit of our own.  1 Peter 2 reminds us of what God hopes for his people.  How do we take to heart God's plan all along?  How do we...

Jan 18, 2015

Why do we exist as Central Community Church? Why does the church exist at all?  This sermon looks at an interaction Jesus had with his disciples where he gave them a global mission and purpose in this world.